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This news page is updated for major news and will be focus mored on end user (i.e. non developer) news.. If you wish to see the detailed news postings, click here!.

04/23/2005 -
Yep, we're still here. A lot has changed in the last few months. A new release is coming very soon, and here's what you can look forward to:
- Windows support!
- new graphics engine (Open Scene Graph)
- many enhancements to the F-14/VF-1 aerodynamics models
- easier joystick support (you will no longer have to tell the program what your joystick setup is)

11/09/2002 -
Added the link at the top of this page which links to the Sourceforge News for our project, which is updated more frequently than this page.

We are still working, in fact, I just made some excellent progress on the landing gear model (MUCH harder than it sounds). Expect a new release soon! After that, it's off to network and weapons land!

03/23/2002 -
The webpage has finally be revamped, which was much overdo. I hope everyone likes it. The landing gear model and scenario work are coming along nicely, we hope to have the next version out soon.

01/21/2002 -
Version 0.0.1 is out! It's a very simple program that lets you fly around an F-16 model a little bit. It has joystick support if you have plib installed (see the installation notes) and run it with -j. The next version will have some scenario code that Jase is working on and a simple landing gear model that I am working on.

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