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Jason Neuhaus

Who am I?

My name is Jason, I earned my Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering in the Summer of 1998 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have had classes on just about everything imaginable that's related to Aerospace. Helicopter theory, spacecraft dynamics, fixed wing design, MANY aerodynamics classes, propulsion classes, flight simulation, and I've even managed to get a lot of computer programming classes in on the side. I'm not by any stretch computer illiterate. I know C, C++, Small Talk, LISP, Pascal, and some OpenGL too.

What are my hobbies?

My hobbies almost entirely involve a computer. I have been a PC game player since the 1980's sometime when I got my first computer, a PCjr 8086 with 640Kb of RAM and a 5 1/4" floppy drive. Ah those were the days, and yes I STILL have the IR keyboard, and NO I won't sell it. You'd be surprised how often I get asked this. I also do the 3D graphics work you see on my page when I have time. I have also started collecting a lot of models lately, mostly from Macross. My favorite are from Macross Plus, as that is now one of my favorite movies of all time, it ranks up there with Star Wars. I have a YF-19 and a YF-21 model that I plan to put together one day when I've got time and the airbrushing skills back. :) Other than that, I enjoy watching cartoons and Wings on the Discovery Channel.

Why did I start this Valkyrie Simulation Project?

I started this project about February 1998, when I started working with Rhino. I have had some CAD experience so the operations in Rhino came to me very quickly. It still takes me a while to create some parts, but every day I use the program, I get faster. I want to simulate a Valkyrie mainly because no one else has on a PC. The simulation will start with just the Fighter mode and I'll probably add the Gerwalk model shortly after the Fighter mode works. As far as the Battroid mode goes, that could take a long time. Figuring out the controls for that mode could be very tricky. As far as a completion date goes, it'll be finished when it's finished. My web page is updated about once or twice a week, sometimes less when I have no spare time.

Road Atlanta Skidpad

Driving around the Autocross

Some F-18s

Hey Dave, don't crash us! :)

View Off Right Wing

Forward View

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